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 Custom Fabrication Solutions

From design and fabrication at our facility to installation and maintenance at your facility, A&R Fabrication, Inc. is dedicated to providing custom metal fabrication solutions.  Over the past 30 years, the name A&R has become synonymous with excellence by providing precision equipment completed on time to meet your production schedule.

Our range of projects span a variety of manufacturing and engineering disciplines, including turnkey material handling systems and agricultural facilities, food processing equipment, general manufacturing equipment, structural steel as well as large and small customized or retrofitted specialty equipment pieces.   We also welcome small fabrication and welding projects for individuals, the general construction industry, and small businesses. 

Design  -  Our engineering department begins your project with a unique design approach.  We take the time for extensive collaboration with you, our customer, site visits as needed, as well as input from our project managers, buyers, and experienced fabrication and installation technicians.  Once the concept is well thought out, our experienced engineers utilize state of the art CAD drawings to ensure precise results, complete with a competitive and accurate bid.

Fabrication  -  Our main facility in Southeastern Idaho provides full custom fabrication capabilities.  Our technicians are experienced in custom fabrication of stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, abrasive resistant and alloy materials.  A&R Fabrication, Inc. is especially proud of our highly skilled and professional technicians as they continue year after year in meeting our company’s goal of excellence. 

Installation  -  Our onsite teams are equipped with six full service trucks, cranes, and lifts to roll our shop to your facility for timely, professional, and safe installation of your custom fabrication project.  Our engineers and job managers are also on hand to ensure our commitment to excellence in the process of the timely completion to precise specifications.

Maintenance  -  Our reputation has led to many long-term relationships with our customers who rely on our mobile shop and experienced technicians being dispatched for service as rapidly as possible.  Our technicians have been with us for years, and we are often able to send the same installation team in for maintenance, thus providing the continuity required to make accurate repairs and reduce down time at your facility.  We also provide ongoing safety training to our team and specialized safety training to meet your company specific requirements.

Request your complimentary consultation and bid, and let our team provide you a custom fabrication solution.

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