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A&R Crane Services, Inc. provides a wide range of lifting solutions for our customers.  We are there with experience, training, and equipment for small, onsite service jobs to the completion of large, turnkey facilities.  Each project is considered with an engineering and project management consult as needed to continue A&R’s commitment to excellence.

Service – We send the right equipment and our highly trained operators to the job site for the most cost effective and efficient completion of the task at hand.  Our project managers are on hand to ensure safety and on-time completion of projects.

Skill – Our highly trained, licensed, and bonded personnel bring a wide range of experience to each project.  Whether setting a sign, placing trusses and/or steel beams, or positioning our team of millwrights, our operators are focused on customer solutions with precision and safety as their top priority.    

Safety – Safety is our top priority. We have an excellent safety record, licensed and certified operators, as well as full insurance coverage.  We also pride ourselves on the service and maintenance of our equipment.   All of our machinery undergoes mandatory safety inspections, and our operators are required to complete a daily inspection of their machine before use.

Request your complimentary consultation and bid, and let our team ensure your lifting needs are met with the right equipment, operators, and dedication to safety and excellent service the A&R name represents. 

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